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Orange warning, the classic color of food and beverage strikes in 2020

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Orange warning, the classic color of food and beverage strikes in 2020

    As consumers continue to focus on health, the appearance of the product is also an important purchasing factor. Whether inspired by food bloggers or influential public figures, colorful food and beverage products are playing an increasingly important role.

    A survey conducted by Maru/Matchbox found that 69% of millennials posted a photo or video of their meal on platforms such as Instagram, which was actually doing free advertising for the brand. Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly users, and its products are critical to the brand.

    Innova Market Insights research found that the most popular colors for new food and beverage products in North America and Europe are red and brown. From 2014 to 2018, the fastest-growing red and yellow in North America, orange and purple in Europe.

Orange is popular

    Recently, the Dutch GNT expanded their EXBERRY bright orange products to help manufacturers provide a wide range of bright orange products. EXBERRY bright orange has two kinds of oil-soluble and water-dispersible, specially developed for a wide range of product applications, such as bakery and delicious products. At the same time, this oil-dispersible EXBERRY bright orange is ideal for compound coatings, spray oil seasonings and other fat-based applications.

    Maartje Hendrickx, market development manager of GNT Group, said that EXBERRY bright orange can bring sunshine and joy to food and beverages. EXBERRY colored foods come in various colors, but are always looking for opportunities to increase the impact of the product portfolio. The launch of these two new forms will expand the bright orange color series. Powder and oil dispersion products can help manufacturers use these vivid and clean label colors in a wider range of applications. In addition, the introduction of this oily liquid color system means that manufacturers can provide orange colors in various foods and beverages.

    The new product does not contain pH, and has good light stability, thermal stability and shelf life. 100% plant-based, halal and kosher certified, no chemical solvents are used. GNT provides a perfect clean label to replace artificial colors and additives such as annatto, carotene and red pepper extract.

Pigment instability

    Anthocyanins are natural bright pigments in fruits and vegetables. Anthocyanin comes from two words, antho means flower, and cyanin means blue. The basic colors such as blue, purple, red and orange are directly related to the number of hydroxyl groups and indirectly related to the number of methoxy groups.

    However, anthocyanins are unstable in their natural state. Anthocyanins are more stable at low pH (acidic conditions), resulting in red pigment. At the same time, the higher the pH value of the anthocyanin, the blue color will fade. Therefore, low or high pH anthocyanins, as a food coloring agent, have a significant effect on food coloring agents. In addition to pH, performance will also be affected by common ingredients such as chemical structure, temperature, light, oxygen, ascorbic acid, and sulfur dioxide.

    Based on this, S. Wahyuningsih et al. pointed out that the instability of this functional ingredient limits its use, and different formulations must be evaluated to avoid degradation of anthocyanins.

Company R&D department devote lots of  manpower and material to solve the problems on taste,clarity after  dissolving, effect and  so on.
It makes natural products more convenient to use in food and better service to people's health.


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