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  • Rutin is a vitamin medicine, which has the effect of reducing the permeability and fragility of capillaries, maintaining and restoring the normal elasticity of capillaries. It is used to prevent and treat hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage; diabetic retinal hemorrhage and hemorrhagic purpura.


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  • Chrysin is also known as white poplar. Pale yellow prismatic crystals (crystallized from methanol), melting point 285°C. It is soluble in alkali hydroxide solution, slightly soluble in ether, ethanol and chloroform, and insoluble in water.


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  • Beet root red pigment is a natural pigment made from edible red beet roots through extraction, separation, concentration and drying. The main component is beet root anthocyanin. Beet root red is a red-purple to dark purple liquid, powdery, and easily soluble Water and aqueous solution are red to purple-red, with bright color.


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  • Cocoa Shell Color ApplicationCocoa pigment is extracted from the cocoa shell, which is the shell of the phoenix family plant. The appearance of the product is brown powder, odorless and odorless, but it has a chocolate flavor and slightly bitter taste. It is easily soluble in water.


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