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Xuhuang Bio | Recommended Natural Weight Loss Extracts ②---Meal Replacement

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Meal Replacement

• The ultra-low-calorie body must use nutrients to replace the high-calorie meal in the usual diet. At the same time, all the nutrients required for a meal are supplemented, thereby reducing calorie intake and increasing metabolic levels to help fat consumption. Then achieve the purpose of nutrition and healthy weight loss.

White kidney bean extract

• White kidney bean is the most common kind of edible bean. It is not only rich in nutritional value, but also has high medicinal and health care value. It is a traditional medicine and food homologous food in my country.

• As a medicine-derived food, it is rich in easily absorbable high-quality protein (haricot bean protein), an appropriate amount of carbohydrates and a variety of trace elements to supplement the body's nutrients, and white kidney beans (α-amylase inhibitors) as carbohydrate inhibitors Discontinued, its finished products also perform well in weight control.

α-amylase inhibitory substance

•Α-amylase inhibitor (α-amylase inhibitor), whose chemical composition is a complex glycoprotein, is called “starch blocker” abroad, meaning “starch absorption blocker”, which can inhibit the action of α-amylase , Blocking starch decomposition, reducing glucose absorption and reducing fat synthesis.

Round bract psyllium shell/shell powder

• Psyllium husk, also known as psyllium husk, was included in the list of new resource foods in 2014.

• Psyllium husk powder imported from India, dietary fiber ≥98%, psyllium husk fiber is a pure natural plant fiber source, can absorb water expansion 40-50 times, can increase satiety.

• Psyllium (Psyllium) is a herb of the Ginuceae family. It is native to India and Iran and is also cultivated in countries in the Mediterranean region, such as France and Spain. Among them, Psyllium from India has the best quality.

Konjac powder

• Konjac powder mainly contains dietary fiber-glucomannan, which can absorb water and swell, retain dozens of times of its own quality of water to become a viscous jelly, can bind and soften intestinal food residues; help promote intestinal peristalsis And the operation of food residues in the intestine; shorten the residence time of carcinogens in the intestine; facilitate laxation and prevent rectal cancer; reduce blood sugar levels; prevent diabetes and obesity; provide a source for beneficial bacteria in the intestine and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria .

Oatmeal powder

• Oat flour, also known as oat bran, mainly contains β-glucan. Ingestion of soluble oatmeal fiber can effectively reduce postprandial blood glucose levels and insulin levels.

• Related research shows that oat fiber foods are more easily absorbed by the body than non-cereal fiber foods. And because the calorie content is very low, it is not only conducive to weight loss, but also more suitable for patients with heart disease, hypertension and diabetes to choose diet therapy.


• β-glucan is a kind of non-starch polysaccharide mainly present in the cell wall of the aleurone layer of oat grains. The content of β-glucan in oat powder obtained by different processing methods is generally between 5% and 20%. The proportion of soluble β-glucan is 30-40%. β-glucan has high viscosity in solution and belongs to viscous polysaccharide. Beta-glucan not only promotes the decomposition of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), but its high viscosity can increase the viscosity in the digestive tract, affecting the absorption of fat and cholesterol in the digestive tract, and ingesting oat soluble dietary fiber Can effectively reduce postprandial blood glucose concentration and insulin levels.

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