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Who's the best manufacturer of epimedium

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Who's the best manufacturer of epimedium

    After thousands of years, after continuous attempts and understanding of Epimedium, people have concluded the pharmacological effects of Epimedium:

    The effect of helping yang and promoting adultery. Epimedium can stimulate the hypersecretion of semen and indirectly excite sexual desire. After medical scientists from various countries have verified the extracts of Epimedium, it was found in mice and rabbits that the aphrodisiac effect of Epimedium surpasses other traditional Chinese medicine ingredients.

    Anti-aging effect. Epimedium extract can directly affect the passage of cells. It can extend the growth period of cells, regulate the immune system and secretion system, and then improve the body's metabolism and the functions of various organs, thereby achieving the effect of anti-aging and prolonging life.

    Antioxidant effect. The extract of Epimedium contains EPS and EI. These two components have the effect of antioxidant activity. They can enhance the activity of antioxidant enzymes and reduce free radical products, thereby achieving the effect of antioxidant.

    Regulates cardiovascular effects. Icariol, an extract of epimedium, contains non-amino acids. This ingredient can significantly increase the coronary flow of isolated rabbit hearts, while another extract, icariin, can directly relax vascular smooth muscle and expand coronary artery. Femoral artery and cerebral artery, so Epimedium can regulate cardiovascular function.

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