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What you should know about Cowberry Red

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    Cowberry red is obtained by crushing the cranberry fruit of the genus Vaccinium in the Rhododendron family, extracting it with aqueous ethanol or water, refining, concentrating under reduced pressure, or further drying. Its main coloring substance is cyanidin and The anthocyanin of paeoniflorin.

    Cowberry red is a deep red cream with a sweet and sour taste, and it belongs to the anthocyanin pigment.

    Category: Anthocyanins

    Main ingredients: Cornflower—3-galactoside

    Vaccinium ---a plant of the Rhododendron family, a perennial deciduous shrub, up to 40 cm tall, with white or pink flowers and berries, blue or red, nearly round. Among them, blueberry (commonly known as blueberry) has the largest cultivation area in the world.        Cowberry is native to North America and is widely distributed in the northern hemisphere from the Arctic to the tropical alpine regions; Cowberry grows in acidic soil rich in organic matter and moist, and likes light. Wild bilberries are extremely cold-resistant and can withstand extreme low temperatures of -50°C. Wild European bilberries are widely distributed in Scandinavia (Norway).

    The most well-known plant of the genus Cowberry is a variety of artificially cultivated blueberries.

    In northern China, in the Changbai Mountains and Daxinganling and Xiaoxing'an Mountains in the northeast, many wild blueberry species such as blueberry (commonly known as Dusi and Dusi) and blueberry (commonly known as red beans) grow naturally.

    In southern China, cranberries are mainly distributed in the southwestern provinces, and the most valuable variety is Wufanshu.

    Cowberry red is obtained by extracting, refining, concentrating under reduced pressure, or further drying from the Cowberry fruit.

The main purpose

    Cowberry red can be used as a food colorant. According to Chinese regulations, it can be used for fruit juice (flavor) beverages and ice cream. Use it in appropriate amount according to production needs. The general dosage is 2.0-4.0g/kg (paste).

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