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what the benefit of blueberry powder?

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1. Good for heart health

    If our blood vessels dilate, the blood tracts will circulate more smoothly in the blood vessels, so that not only will the pressure of the blood on the walls of the blood vessels gradually decrease, but there will also be more opportunities for impurities and garbage to remain in our blood vessels. Effectively reduces the formation of blood clots.

    Therefore, regular consumption of blueberries can help us effectively reduce the content of blood clots and reduce the risk of hypertension. According to research studies, if you can eat blueberries more than five times a week, it can effectively help us reduce cardiovascular risk.

2. Lower blood sugar

Blueberry patients can eat blueberries can still help us adjust blood sugar balance, is a natural indicator. Diabetics can also use blueberries for adjuvant therapy. As long as they persist for two months, they can be significantly improved.

3. Cancer prevention

Blueberries contain a special substance called anthocyanins. This substance can effectively help us inhibit the growth of tumor cells in the body, and can perform anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. If you can eat about half a cup of blueberries every day, it can help us effectively fight cancer.

4. Improve sleep state

A special substance in blueberries can enter our cells and help us protect them from the damage of free radicals. It has many benefits for our bodies. This special substance in blueberries can also make the nerve parts and make our brain tissue function more stable, so that our sleep state will naturally be better.

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