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What is the main pharmacological effects of senna?

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    The main pharmacological effects of senna are as follows:

1. Diarrhea effect: It is generally considered that senna is a contact laxative. After direct contact with the intestinal mucosa, it can increase the permeability of the mucosa, allowing electrolyte and water to diffuse into the intestinal cavity, thereby increasing the electrolyte in the intestinal cavity, and Increase periodic peristalsis, causing catharsis.

2. Antiviral effect: Senna leaf extract has an inactivating effect on the virus. The analysis of the active ingredients shows that the anthraquinone glycosides have no antiviral effects, and the antiviral components are some of the anthraquinone aglycones. , Of which aloe-emodin has inhibitory effects on various viruses.

3. Bacteriostatic effect

4. Hemostasis

5. Scavenging free radicals

    Clean the intestine, single administration, the maximum dose does not exceed 150mg anthraquinone glycosides, for refractory constipation, the maximum dose per day does not exceed 30mg anthraquinone glycosides, taking an effective dose of senna and its preparations is safe, effective and has little adverse reactions Characteristics.

    Senna is the main laxative component in senna. The relatively high content of senna in senna is A, B, C and D. Because the four sennosides have similar physical and chemical properties and similar activities, the early determination methods used total sennosides as indicators to evaluate the quality of senna extracts.

senna leaf extract

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