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What is the efficacy of yam extract nutrition capsule?

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Yam is one of the ingredients we can often eat, and the texture will still feel sticky and glutinous, so many people will eat yam to eat, probably most people just know that yam can be used To make dishes, but I don’t know that the original yam can be used as a medicinal material. In fact, as long as the yam is processed and extracted, the extract can be made into nutritional capsules. This nutritional capsule can treat a lot of diseases, but also Can play a certain tonic effect.

1. Buzhong Yiqi: Due to its richness of 18 kinds of amino acids, more than 10 kinds of trace elements, and other minerals, the iron stick yam has the functions of strengthening the spleen and stomach, nourishing the lungs and kidneys, nourishing the middle qi and strengthening the spleen, and strengthening the kidney. For the functions of Jing, Yixin and Soothe the nerves, Li Shizhen's "Compendium of Materia Medica" has the saying "spleen strengthening and nourishing, nourishing essence, strengthening kidney, curing hundreds of diseases, treating five labors and seven injuries".

2. Xiaokeshengjin: This yam has the effect of Xiaokesheng: Chinese medicine is often used alone in the prescription of diabetic diabetic diabetes, or combined with other drugs, the effect is better.

3. Health care: Because fresh yam is rich in various vitamins, amino acids and minerals, it can prevent abnormal lipid metabolism in humans and arteriosclerosis. It also plays a role in maintaining the normal function of insulin, enhances human immunity, benefits the mind and calms Coughing asthma, delaying aging and other health effects.

4. Yang Yan: Spleen and stomach expert Yuan Li of the Yuan Dynasty said: "Treating dry skin is to moisturize it." Li Shizhen wrote: "Yam can moisturize the fur." Yam has a unique effect on nourishing the skin and keeping fit.

5. The special pharmacological function of iron stick yam: copper ions and connective tissue in yam are of great help to human development and have obvious effects on vascular system diseases. The calcium in iron yam is good for injured tendons, bone loss and osteoporosis. Tooth loss has a very high curative effect, and it also has a good effect on patients with frostbite, diabetes, hepatitis, children's diarrhea, enuresis, dyspepsia, ulcerative stomatitis, tuberculosis, women's menstrual bands, etc. Longevity and longevity.

6. Control the desire to eat: Chinese yam is rich in protein, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, glucose, crude protein amino acids, bile alkali, allantoin, etc.; the important nutrients, yam soap, is a pioneer in the synthesis of female hormones Substances, nourish yin and yang, enhance the effect of metabolism; and the mucus quality and digestive enzymes of polysaccharide protein components contained in fresh tubers can prevent cardiovascular fat deposition and help digestion and absorption of the gastrointestinal tract.

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