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what is the difference between anise and star anise?

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First, differences between families

1. Anise: Anise is a plant kingdom, angiosperm, dicotyledonae, octagon, octagonaceae, and octagon is an evergreen tree.

2. Fennel: Fennel is a perennial herb of the plant kingdom, angiosperm, dicotyledonae, umbelliferae, umbelliferae.

Second, the difference in form

1. Anise: The anise is 10-20 meters high, the bark is gray to reddish brown, has irregular cracks, the branches are dense, extend radially, single leaves alternate or 3-6 clusters grow on the top of the branch, the petiole is thick, the leaves are leathery, flowers The bisexual solitary is born in the leaf axillary, and the aggregated fruits are mostly arranged by eight follicles radially into an octagon, the seeds are flat and oval, the flowering period is spring and autumn, the early autumn to the next spring.

2. Fennel: Fennel is 0.4-2 meters high, the stem is upright, the leaf sheath is membranous, the blade profile is wide triangle, the compound umbrella-shaped inflorescence is terminal and lateral, the fruit is oblong, the flowering period is from May to June, and the fruiting period is 7- September.

Third, differences of origin

1. Star anise: Star anise, also known as star anise, big feed, etc., was born in subtropical humid and warm valleys, distributed in Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan and other places in China. The production of star anise in Wuzhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is the first in the country and the star anise Town of.

2. Fennel: Fennel is nicknamed fennel seed, fennel, fennel, huaixiang, shredded silk, etc. It is warm in nature and suitable for the growth of sandy loam. It is native to the Mediterranean area and is now cultivated in all provinces and regions of China.

Fourth, the difference in efficacy

Star anise

The octagonal is used for medicinal purposes. It has the functions of dispelling wind and regulating qi, and regulating stomach. But eating too much can damage the eyes and sores.

Star anise has the functions of strengthening stomach, expelling wind, relieving pain, regulating qi, regulating coldness and dampness, treating indigestion and neurasthenia. With the continuous improvement of the level of development of new drugs, their uses continue to expand. Shikimic acid extracted from star anise can be used to synthesize anticancer drugs and prepare anti-influenza A or B influenza drugs.

Star anise dried fruits contain 8% -13% shikimic acid, which is the best natural plant raw material. Except for the content of poisonous star anise (shikiki seeds) is higher than it, no plants with potential production value have been found.

Anise efficacy

The main components of cumin are protein, fat, dietary fiber, anethole, fennel ketone, anisaldehyde and so on. Its aroma mainly comes from aroma substances such as anethole and anisaldehyde. It is a multi-purpose plant integrating medicine, seasoning, edible and makeup.

The tender stems and leaves are used as vegetables and stuffing. The fennel fruit contains fennel oil 2.8%, fennel brain 50-60%, a-anisone 18-20%, methyl pepper 10% and a-pinene dipolypentene , Anisaldehyde, camphene, etc. The endosperm contains about 15% fat oil, and about 85% protein, starch sugar and mucus quality.

It can be used as a spice, and is often used for cooking pasta such as meat, seafood and biscuits. It is a medicine used in Chinese medicine, which is warm in nature and tastes spicy, and returns to the liver, kidney, spleen and stomach. The function warms the liver and kidney, warms the stomach, loosens the knot, dispels cold and relieves pain, regulates stomach. For cold hernia abdominal pain, testicular fall, women's dysmenorrhea, abdominal pain, abdominal pain and abdominal pain.

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