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What are the effects of aloe vera 2

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1. Sterilization: Aloe tincture (Aloetin). It is a highly antibacterial substance that can kill fungi, molds, bacteria, viruses and other germs, inhibit and eliminate the development and reproduction of pathogens. The germs of aloe vera are: diphtheria, tetanus, pneumonia, lactic acid bacteria, dysentery Bacteria, coliforms, black death bacteria, cholera bacteria, and bacteria that cause otitis media, cystitis, suppuration, measles, rabies, polio, epidemic encephalitis and other diseases.

2. Moisturizing and beautifying effects: Aloe vera polysaccharides and vitamins have good nutrition, moisturizing and whitening effects on human skin. Especially the acne that young girls worry about most, aloe vera has a good effect on eliminating acne.

3. Strengthening the heart and promoting blood circulation: the calcium isocitrate in aloe vera can strengthen the heart, promote blood circulation, soften hardened arteries, reduce cholesterol content, expand capillaries, make blood circulation unblocked, reduce cholesterol levels, and reduce the burden on the heart. Keep blood pressure normal and remove "toxins" from the blood.

4. Detoxification: Aloe vera itself is non-toxic, harmless and has no side effects, and does not produce antibodies. The aloetin alomicin and other components in aloe have the effect of decomposing harmful substances in the organism, and can also eliminate toxins invading the organism. Radiation or nuclear radiation can cause burn skin ulcers during the treatment of cancer. Aloe treatment can not only detoxify, reduce inflammation, and regenerate new cells, but also increase the number of white blood cells that are reduced by radiation therapy.

5. Anti-aging effect: Mucin (protein) in aloe vera is based on arboran A B\aloe mannan\aloetin and other polysaccharides as its core components. Mucus substances are important components to prevent cell aging and treat chronic allergies. Mucin exists in the muscles and gastrointestinal mucosa of the human body, making the tissue elastic. If the liquid is insufficient, the muscles and mucous membranes will lose their elasticity and become stiff and aging. If the cells that make up the human body are insufficient in mucin, the cells will gradually weaken and lose the ability to defend against germs and viruses.

6. Analgesia and sedation: When fingers are swollen and painful or toothache is unbearable, stick aloe vera leaves on the affected area to eliminate pain, neuralgia, gout, muscle pain, etc. Oral administration and external aloe can also have analgesic effect. Aloe can also prevent and treat hangovers, motion sickness, and seasickness.

7. Sunscreen effect: The natural anthraquinone glycosides or anthracene derivatives in aloe can absorb ultraviolet rays and prevent red and brown spots on the skin.

8. Anti-insect and antiseptic effects: Aloe vera juice has good disinfection and antiseptic effects. In summer, aloe vera juice is applied to the skin to prevent mosquitoes from biting. Colombians often put aloe vera juice on children's feet to prevent pests.

9. Deodorant effect: Aloe vera can prevent body odor such as feet, mouth, and underarms.

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