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The nutritional value of lotus leaf

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Lotus Leaf Extract

    The lotus leaf is green in color and fragrant in air. It contains many alkaloids such as Roemerine, Pronuciferine and Nuciferine, as well as vitamin C, flavonoids, and polysaccharides. It is often used in traditional medicinal diets. Selected raw materials.

    It has the functions of relieving heat and dampness, invigorating the spleen and raising yang, cooling blood to stop bleeding, clearing away heat and detoxification, and is widely used in food, health care and beverages.

Effect usage

1. Prevent cardiovascular disease

    The flavonoids rich in lotus leaves are scavengers of most oxygen free radicals, which can improve the activity of SOD (superoxide dismutase), reduce MDA (lipid peroxide malondialdehyde) and OX-LDL (low oxidation) Density lipoprotein) production.

It can increase coronary flow, has an antagonistic effect on experimental myocardial infarction; has a protective effect on acute myocardial ischemia; has an effect on the treatment of coronary heart disease, hypertension, etc.; it can reduce diastolic blood pressure, prevent arrhythmia, cardiovascular disease, etc. Also plays an important role.

2. Lowering blood lipids

    Nuciferine is an alkaloid extracted from lotus leaves. It has significant physiological activity, promotes cholesterol metabolism, expands blood vessels, and has the effect of lowering blood lipids.

3. Fat suppression and weight loss

    The alkaloids in lotus leaves not only have the effect of lowering blood lipids, but also are often used clinically for the treatment of obesity. The principle of lotus leaf weight loss is to form a layer of fat isolation film on the human intestinal wall after taking it to effectively prevent the absorption of fat, reduce weight fundamentally, and effectively control rebound.

4. Diuretic and laxative

    The lotus leaf clears away heat and detoxifies. After reasonable use, it can help moisten the intestines and lax, metabolize the waste accumulated in the body in time, improve facial pigmentation, and restore good complexion.

5. Relieve heat

    Lotus leaf is a rare medicine in the scorching summer. Among them, lotus leaf alkali also has the effects of clearing heart fire, calming liver fire, reducing spleen fire, reducing lung fire and nourishing the mind and heart, helping to mediate endocrine and improve human microcirculation.

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