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The efficacy of Sophora flavescens

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Sophora flavescens has a variety of effects such as whitening, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, and antibacterial. It has been used in beauty and skin care as early as hundreds of years ago, and it is now a cosmetic raw material favored by major cosmeceuticals.

Born in hillside grasslands, plains, roadsides, sandy textures and sunny places in red soil. It is distributed all over the country. It is produced all over the country, with Shanxi, Hubei, Henan and Hebei producing more.

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Modern scientific research shows that Sophora flavescens extract has the following effects:

Beauty skin care effect

Cold in nature, it has the effect of clearing heat and dampness, and killing insects. Sophora flavescens bath can remove the damp heat of the lower scorch, kills insects and relieves itching, and has a good relieving effect on skin itching. Plant Chinese herbal medicine can balance oil secretion, dredge and tighten pores, and clear Skin endotoxin impurities, rich herbal nutrition, promote the growth and repair of damaged blood vessels and nerve cells, restore the vitality of subcutaneous capillary cells, and regain firmness and smoothness of the skin, playing a role in beauty and skin care.

Whitening effect

The total alkaloids of matrine and oxymatrine have obvious whitening effects, and have obvious therapeutic effects on the reduction of white blood cells caused by cyclophosphamide, X-ray and cobalt rays.

Anti-inflammatory effect

Matrine has inhibitory effects on ear swelling caused by croton oil in mice, increased abdominal exudation caused by acetic acid in mice, and carrageenan-induced foot pad swelling in rats.

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