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The effect of yam extract

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Yam is also known as yam, soil yam, yam, Huai yam, yam, and white yam. It is a medicinal herb included in "Chinese Materia Medica". The source is the dried rhizome of yam, a plant of the Dioscoreaceae family. The main producing areas of yam are Bo'ai, Wushe, Wenxian, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Shandong, Hebei and other places in Henan.

Plant origin: The yam extract is extracted from the tubers of Dioscorea zingiberensis.Wild Yam Root Extract Powder suppliers China- xuhuang

The pharmacological effects of yam extract are as follows:

1. Hypoglycemic effect Yam mucilage and polysaccharides can stimulate and regulate the body's immune system, lower blood sugar, and enhance the body's resistance. Research results show that yam has a certain anti-diabetic effect, which may be related to increasing insulin secretion and improving the function of damaged pancreatic β-cells.

2. Anti-aging and anti-oxidation studies have found that there is a certain correlation between the anti-free radical activity of yam and the content of polyphenolic components in the extract. The study also found that yam saponin has a strong ability to scavenge hydroxyl free radicals: it has a strong Fe3+ reduction ability, and the reduction ability increases with the increase of the concentration, but it is not as good as the reduction ability of the same concentration of vitamin C.

3. Immunomodulation The immunomodulation of yam extract is mainly related to polysaccharides.

4. Regulating the function of the spleen and stomach. Yam has the effect of nourishing the middle and replenishing qi, and can regulate the function of the spleen and stomach.

5. Anti-tumor and anti-mutagenic effects prove that the anti-mutagenic effects of active polysaccharides of yam are mainly achieved by inhibiting the mutagenic effects of mutants on strains.

6. Lipid-lowering effect Feeding atherosclerotic mice with purified starch of yam can reduce the lipid concentration. For mice fed with free cholesterol and cholesterol-containing food, yam can reduce the cholesterol concentration.

7. Other effects In addition, studies have shown that yam also has other effects on preventing liver damage and antibacterial.

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