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St John's Wort Extract

  • St John's Wort extract
  • Hypericum Perforatum L.
  • Leaf
  • Brown Powder
  • 100 pass 80 mesh
  • Hypericin
  • 1kg/bag; 25kg/drum
  • 0.3%
  • fine powder
  • Hypericin
  • Spray drying
  • 84082-80-4



Product name: St John's Wort Extract Powder Hypericin

Variety: St John's Wort Extract

Active Ingredient: Hyperforin,Hypericin
Specification: 0.3%-3%
Appearance: Dark Brown powder 

Test Method: TLC/HPLC

Used Part: Leaf

Grade: Food & Pharmaceutical 

St John’s wort (Latin Name : Hypericum Perforatum L.) has been used for depression and for wound healing for many years. The major active ingredient are hyperforin and hypericin , although other biologically active constituents present, for example, flavonoids and tannins, may also be involved.


1. St John's Wort Extract Powder Hypericin can prevent against depression;
2.St John's Wort Extract Powder Hypericin can treat pre-menstrual syndrome;
3.St John's Wort Extract Powder Hypericin is used to prevent against bacterial infections;
4.St John's Wort Extract Powder Hypericin has been used for centuries to calm the nerves and  treat depression;
5.St John's Wort Extract Powder Hypericin is used to dress wounds, heal deep cuts, smooth bums and eases the pain of neuralgias; 


1) Applied in food field, often used as additives, with distinct fragrance smell, it can promote digestion and increase appetite; 

2) Applied in daily necessities field, aslo added into a large amount of oral cleaning products, such as dentifrices, mouthwash and tooth powder; 
3) Applied in pharmaceutical field, because of the function of inhibition and paralysis to sensory nerve endings, it can be used as counter irritant.

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It makes natural products more convenient to use in food and better service to people's health.


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