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Seabuckthorn Fruit Powder

Sea buckthorn fruit powder retains and concentrates active ingredients of its fruit juice, rich in vitamin C, protein, flavonoids, phenols, organic acids, microelements, unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids and other vitamins substances, compatibility mechanisms is very suitable for human requirements, and playing an important role in health care.
  • Sea-buckthorn Fruit Powder
  • Hippophae Rhamnoides Linn.
  • fruit
  • 100 pass 80 mesh
  • TLC
  • 1kg/bag;25kg/drum
  • Fruity and good water solubility
  • Spray drying

Introduction of Seabuckthorn powder

Seabuckthorn fruit is the fruit of Hippophae rhamnoides L., a plant of the genus Seabuckthorn in the family Elaeaceae,Seabuckthorn is a small berry plant, deciduous shrub or small tree.

Seabuckthorn is the precious economic forest species that contains the most kinds of natural vitamins in the world, and its vitamin C content is much higher than that of fresh dates and kiwifruit, so it is known as the treasure house of natural vitamins. 

Sea buckthorn oil is rich in various vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant compounds

For instance, it is naturally full of antioxidants, which help protect your body against aging and illnesses like cancer and heart disease 

What’s more, its berries boast potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. They also contain good amounts of folate, biotin and vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and E More than half of the fat found in sea buckthorn oil is mono- and polyunsaturated fat, which are two types of healthy fats.

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Function of Instant seabuckthorn powder

Seabuckthorn fruits are rich in vitamins. In addition, the fruits also contain nutrients such as flavonoids, triterpenes, organic acids, polysaccharides, pigments, tryptamines, volatile oils, and proteins. Seabuckthorn seeds are rich in vitamins, lipids, sugars, amino acids, volatile oils, proanthocyanidins, flavonoids, trace elements and other nutrients. Seabuckthorn pomace and seed meal are rich in protein, nitrogen-free extracts, sugars, lipids, pigments, volatile oils, amino acids, proanthocyanidins, phospholipids, etc. The protein content is about 20%.

Seabuckthorn fruit contains β-carotene, unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids, flavonoids, vitamins, trace elements, etc., which can reduce cholesterol in the human body and reasonably prevent atherosclerosis.

superoxide dismutase contained in seabuckthorn can also effectively volatilize free radicals in the body, improve human immunity, regulate the immune active cells of the human body, act as an immunomodulator, and help delay human aging

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Company R&D department devote lots of  manpower and material to solve the problems on taste,clarity after  dissolving, effect and  so on.
It makes natural products more convenient to use in food and better service to people's health.

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