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Natural weight loss extract(2)

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Konjac flour

Konjac flour mainly contains dietary fiber-glucomannan, which can absorb water and swell, retain dozens of times the quality of water to become a viscous jelly, which can bind and soften intestinal food residues; it is good for promoting intestinal peristalsis And the operation of intestinal food residues; shorten the residence time of carcinogens in the intestine; facilitate defecation and prevent rectal cancer; reduce blood sugar content; prevent diabetes and obesity; provide a source of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Konjac extract

Oatmeal powder

• Oat flour, also known as oat bran, mainly contains β-glucan. Intake of oatmeal soluble dietary fiber can effectively reduce blood glucose concentration and insulin levels after meals.

•Relevant studies have shown that oat fiber foods are more easily absorbed by the body than non-grain fiber foods. And because the calorie content is very low, it is not only conducive to weight loss, but also more suitable for the needs of patients with heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Oatmeal powder


β-glucan is a kind of non-starch polysaccharide mainly present in the cell wall of the subaleurone layer of oat grains. The β-glucan content of oat extract powder obtained by different processing methods is generally between 5%-20%. The proportion of soluble β-glucan is 30-40%. β-glucan has a high viscosity in the solution and is a viscous polysaccharide. β-glucan can not only promote the decomposition of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), but its high viscosity can increase the viscosity in the digestive tract and affect the absorption of fat and cholesterol in the digestive tract. Ingest oat soluble dietary fiber Can effectively reduce blood glucose concentration and insulin levels after meals.

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