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Naringin efficacy application

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Naringin efficacy application

Natural food additive naringin suppliers 

——Source of raw materials——

Dried young fruit of Citrus maxima (Burm.) Merr. cv. Shatian Yu.

The origin of our raw materials is Shatian, Fujian.

——Efficacy and Application——

1. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, inhibit microbial activity. Inhibition of Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Shigella, Escherichia coli and certain fungi

2. Lowering blood lipids and lowering blood cholesterol. Prevent atherosclerosisNatural food additive naringin suppliers  (2)

3. It can inhibit the differentiation and proliferation of osteoclasts and promote the differentiation and proliferation of osteoblasts. So as to play the role of anti-osteoporosis. The mechanism may be through inhibiting the expression of specific genes during osteoclast differentiation.

4. Anti-cancer effect. The main mechanism of action is that naringin can inhibit the activity of several kinases in the process of cancer cell signal transduction, so as to limit the proliferation of cancer cells.

5. Antioxidant activity. Naringin can alleviate the organ damage of diabetes by inhibiting oxidative stress and inflammation, thereby having a certain alleviating effect on diabetes.

6. Detoxification of arsenic poisoning. When food and water are severely contaminated, arsenic poisoning may be caused, and arsenic poisoning may cause serious cardiovascular hazards. Naringin can repair myocardial failure. After arsenic poisoning, taking naringin can effectively alleviate the increase in the level of cardiac oxidative nitrosation stress and the decrease in sodium pump activity.

Company R&D department devote lots of  manpower and material to solve the problems on taste,clarity after  dissolving, effect and  so on.
It makes natural products more convenient to use in food and better service to people's health.


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