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Mulberry Fruit Powder

Mulberry Powder is made of fresh mulberry juice extract thought a special process. It contains protein, crude fiber, vitamin, calcium and mineral.
  • Mulberry Powder
  • Morus Alba L.
  • 1kg/bag;25kg/drum
  • Fruity and Good Water Solubility
  • Spray Drying

Description of Mulberry Fruit Powder

Mulberries are the fruits of mulberry trees (Morus sp.) and related to figs and breadfruit.The trees are traditionally grown for their leaves — mainly in Asia and North America — as they’re the only food that silkworms eat.

They carry colorful berries — most commonly black, white, or red — that are often made into wine, fruit juice, tea, jam, or canned foods, but can also be dried and eaten as a snack.

Due to their sweet flavor, impressive nutritional value, and various health benefits, mulberries are gaining popularity worldwide.


Function of Mulberry Fruit Powder

   Mulberry can improve the blood supply of skin (including scalp), nourish skin, make skin white and tender, black hair and other functions, and can delay aging. Mulberry is a good fruit and medicine for middle-aged and old people to keep fit and beautiful, and to resist aging. Frequent eating mulberry can clear the eyes and alleviate the symptoms of eye fatigue and dryness.

   Mulberry has the function of immune promotion. Mulberry can increase the weight of spleen, enhance hemolytic reaction, prevent human atherosclerosis, skeletal joint sclerosis and promote metabolism. It can promote the growth of red blood cells, prevent the reduction of white blood cells, and has an auxiliary effect on the treatment of diabetes, anemia, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, neurasthenia and other diseases.

Application of  Mulberry Fruit Powder

1. Applied in the food field, it has become a new raw material which used in food and beverage industry;
2. Applied in the health product field;
3. Applied in the pharmaceutical field.



Company R&D department devote lots of  manpower and material to solve the problems on taste,clarity after  dissolving, effect and  so on.
It makes natural products more convenient to use in food and better service to people's health.


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