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Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp protein powder is a high quality source of protein due to its high rate of digestibility. The better a protein is digested, the more efficiently it can be used by the body. The digestibility of any given protein is related to the concentrations of its amino acids.
  • Hemp Protein Powder
  • Cannabis sativa L.
  • Seed
  • Yellow white fine powder
  • 100 pass 80 mesh
  • Kjeldahl method
  • 1kg/bag; 25kg/drum
  • 50%-90%
  • Moisten dryness and smooth bowel laxity, used for blood deficiency and fluid deficiency, bowel dryness and constipation
  • Spray Drying

Description of Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp protein powder is an all-natural source of plant-based protein that is free from gluten and lactose, but rich in nutritional goodness. Organic hemp protein powder can be added to power drinks, smoothies or yogurt; sprinkled over a variety of foods, fruits or vegetables; used as a baking ingredient or added to nutrition bars for a healthy boost of protein.


Function of Hemp Protein Powder

1.Hemp protein is an excellent supplement for athletes, vegans, vegetarians and anyone who wants a highly quality protein.

2.Hemp protein powder can sift out more of the fiber to give a smoother, lighter powder for a better mouth-feel.

3.Hemp protein powder is also perfect for cooking and can be added to just about any recipe

4.Hemp protein also contains significant amounts of zinc, iron, and magnesium-minerals that are normally quite hard to getthrough a normal diet.

Application of Hemp Protein Powder

1. It can be added to power drinks, smoothies or yogurt;sprinkled over a variety of foods, fruits or vegetables;used as a baking ingredient or added to nutrition bars for a healthy boost of protein.

2. It is designed commonly for a wide variety of food applications, which is a standard combination of nutrition, safety and health.

3. It is designed especially for baby and the aged, which is the ideal combination of nutrition, safety and health.

4. With numerous health benefits, ranging from energy gains, increased metabolism, to a digestive cleansing effect .



Company R&D department devote lots of  manpower and material to solve the problems on taste,clarity after  dissolving, effect and  so on.
It makes natural products more convenient to use in food and better service to people's health.

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