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Compatibility Application of Cnidium

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Compatibility Application of Cnidium

1. With alum

Dry dampness and kill insects, dispel wind and relieve itching.

Indications for women's itching, alum sour and cold, its nature is dry and astringent, external use has the effect of drying dampness and detoxification, relieving itching and killing insects.

The combination of the two drugs can kill insects, relieve itching, and remove dampness. Therefore, the two drugs are often used to decoction or take a bath to treat women’s pruritus.

2. With dodder

Warm kidney and impotence, impotence, warm uterus.

Indications of kidney deficiency and impotence, uterine cold and infertility.

Cuscuta, sweet and warm into the kidney, not only nourishes the kidney yang, but also nourishes the kidney yin, is the crystal of yin and yang.

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3. With eucommia

To relieve dampness and relieve numbness, to improve joints.

Indications of insufficient kidney yang, wet arthralgia and low back pain.

Eucommia ulmoides is sweet and can nourish, the temperature helps yang, it has the functions of nourishing liver and stomach, strengthening muscles and bones, and strengthening waist and knees.

The combination of the two drugs can enhance the effects of removing dampness, removing numbness, strengthening the kidney and strengthening the waist.

4. With Coptis

To clear away heat and dampness, reduce fire and detoxify.

Indications of damp-heat sore.

Rhizoma Coptidis has great bitterness and coldness, clearing away heat and dampness, purging fire and detoxification.

The two drugs are compatible, Coptidis can help its heat-clearing and damp-drying power to treat damp-heat sores.

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