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Characteristics of sweeteners

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    The characteristics of high-intensity sweeteners are high safety, low dosage, high sweetness, less caries, and the cost of use is generally much lower than sucrose. The synthetic high-intensity sweetener currently occupies a large market share because it has the following advantages:

 1. The synthetic high-intensity sweetener has high sweetness, small volume, small usage, energy value of 0 or almost 0, which is beneficial to manufacturers to reduce costs and increase benefits.

 2. It is not digested and absorbed by the body, does not cause blood sugar fluctuations, and there is no risk of obesity and hyperlipidemia. Special people such as diabetic and obese people can eat safely.

 3. It is harmless to human teeth and will not cause dental caries.

 4. Aspartame, sucralose, etc. are also used in food and have obvious flavor enhancement effect.

  Of course, high-power sweeteners also have some shortcomings, mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

  First, the sweetness of a small part of the synthetic products is not pure enough, with varying degrees of bitterness, metallic aftertaste or odor. There is a certain gap compared with the flavor of sucrose, and it is sometimes difficult for people to accept. For example, saccharin has a slightly bad taste; for example, Alitame, because of its sulfur element, the taste is also affected. However, most of the sweeteners such as sucralose and stevioside (RA) have very good sweetness characteristics and taste similar to sucrose.

    Secondly, due to the high sweetness and small size of high-intensity sweetener products, the replacement of sucrose with equal sweetness in solid or semi-solid foods will cause significant changes in product texture, viscosity, volume, and food flavor. Some cases It is also necessary to use fillers or filled sweeteners.

  Therefore, there is an increasing demand for a new generation of high-intensity sweeteners with higher safety and better performance in the global market. High-intensity sweeteners currently in the development and utilization stage include sweet protein, African sweet potato, sugar alcohol reprocessed sweetener, super sweetener perilla, etc. The new high-intensity sweetener developed must not only meet the requirements of the food industry, but also must pass a strict toxicity and toxicological test safety evaluation. Its specific requirements should include: high safety; high sweetness; sweetness close to or similar to sucrose; stable properties , Convenient application; low cost, environmental protection, etc.

Characteristics of sweeteners

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