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Brown rice protein's nine effects

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Although the protein content of brown rice is not much, the protein quality is good, mainly rice protamine, the composition of amino acids is relatively complete, the human body is easy to digest and absorb, but the content of lysine is less, contains more fat and carbohydrates, and it takes a short time. It can provide a lot of heat for the human body.

1. Brown rice protein powder can purify the blood

Brown rice contains a lot of cellulose. In recent years, cellulose has been shown to have the functions of losing weight, lowering cholesterol, and laxative. Therefore, brown rice germ can improve the gastrointestinal function, purify the blood, prevent constipation, intestinal cancer and obesity, and help metabolism and detoxification.Brown Rice Protein Powder - xuhuang

2. Lower cholesterol

The unsaturated fatty acids in the germ have the effect of lowering cholesterol and protecting the heart.

3. Promote blood circulation

Vitamin E rich in germ can promote blood circulation and effectively maintain body functions.

4. Prevention of skin diseases

Quite a few children are troubled by allergic diseases such as dermatitis and eczema. Studies have found that the reason why these children are susceptible to dermatitis is different from improper food choices. No foreign protein enters the bloodstream, so it can prevent the occurrence of the above-mentioned allergic skin diseases.

5. Treatable anemia

There are many people with anemia tendency in cancer patients. Germ has a significant normalization effect of blood characteristics, and also has a blood cell increase effect, which naturally has a significant effect on treating anemia.

6. Beneficial for diabetic patients

Trace elements such as zinc, chromium, manganese, and vanadium in brown rice are beneficial to improve insulin sensitivity and are very helpful for people with impaired glucose tolerance.

7. Has the function of strengthening the brain

65% of human encephalitis is composed of various fatty acids, of which unsaturated fatty acids are the most important. If the brain takes too little unsaturated fatty acids, it will affect the development of the mind.

8. It has a weight loss effect

Japanese research has proved that the blood sugar index of brown rice is much lower than that of white rice. It has a better feeling of fullness when eating the same amount, which is conducive to controlling food intake and helping obese people lose weight. Therefore, Japan, South Korea, Singapore Waiting for the country to set off a craze to eat brown rice to control weight very early.

9. Anti-cancer effect

Brown rice has the effect of connecting and decomposing radioactive substances such as pesticides, thereby effectively preventing the absorption of harmful substances in the body and achieving the effect of anti-cancer.

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