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Beet Juice Powder

Beet Juice Powder is an excellent source of folate and a good source of manganese, and contains betaines which may function to reduce the concentration of homocysteine, a homolog of the naturally occurring amino acid cysteine.
  • Red Beet Powder
  • Beta Vulgaris L.
  • 1kg/bag;25kg/drum
  • Fruity and Good Water Solubility
  • Spray Drying

Introduction of Beet Juice powder

Beet Latin nameBeta vulgaris L.is used for sugar production of chenopodium, beet is a very high nutritional value of vegetables, but also has good medicinal value. Beet can not only be used as food, medical care outstanding, its nature is flat and slightly cool, spleen digestion, phlegm relieving cough effect, at the same time, beet root is also an important medicine to treat blood, has the "root of life" reputation.

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Function of Instant Beet Juice powder

Nutritional value is very rich in sugar beet, first of which is there are a number of iodine, which for our human body, can prevent the effect of thyroid, at the same time to eat sugar beet can also help us to prevent the problem of goiter, for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, in fact also have certain advantages.

 Content of potassium in beets is still quite high, and the content of sodium in beets is very low, such a vegetable is undoubtedly very beneficial to hypertension patients, three high population to eat beets is very good, is to alleviate the effect of the disease. Beets are also good for detoxifying, mainly because beets are an all-natural fever-reducing vegetable. Eating beets is good for promoting detoxification and helping to get rid of waste products in your body.

Beet liver detoxification effect is also very good, mainly because there is a unique ingredient in beet, the existence of betaine, and the human body after ingestion can play a role in inhibiting fat in the blood, assisting liver cell regeneration and detoxification, for the protection of liver health and vascular health are good.

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Company R&D department devote lots of  manpower and material to solve the problems on taste,clarity after  dissolving, effect and  so on.
It makes natural products more convenient to use in food and better service to people's health.

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