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Advantages of senna leaf extract

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    Senna is composed of two molecules of anthrone CC connected to each other. It is very unstable during the extraction process. It is easily decomposed when exposed to light, heat, acid and alkali, etc. Losing all the content and solving its thermal sensitivity problem becomes a difficulty in large-scale production processes. According to the data of Xi'an Xuhuang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in the research and development of production technology, when the temperature is higher than 60 ℃, the content loss rate reaches more than 90%. Since the plant extract process generally uses steam heating, vacuum oven or spray drying tower drying, the temperature cannot be below 60℃. After dozens of equipment improvements and process attempts by our company, we finally made a process flow suitable for the harsh conditions for the production of this product.

    The testing center of Xi'an Xuhuang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. sampled and analyzed most of the senna leaf extracts on the market, and the results showed that: the content of sennoside A+B HPLC was all used in the extraction and concentration powder drying process less than 1%. Among the dozens of samples tested, only one sample had the same content as the marked content, and the HPLC result was greater than 8%. After analysis, it is believed that the content is mainly lost in the concentration and powder spraying. The temperature of powder spraying is greater than 120 ℃, which is far beyond the tolerance temperature of sennoside.

    The following is the detection spectrum of products with A+B content of senna leaf extract greater than 20% in Xi'an Xuhuang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.:

senna leaf extracts

The advantages of senna leaf extract from Xi'an Xuhuang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.:

    1. Good water solubility (500mg product dissolved in 150ml room temperature water is transparent and no impurities) as shown below:

    Water soluble figure

    2. Not easy to agglomerate (absorbent resin is used in the process to remove polysaccharides, chlorophyll and other components that are easy to absorb moisture)

    3. Through the adsorption process, the strong taste of traditional Chinese medicine is removed, and the taste is suitable.

    4. Appropriate dosage effect is obvious (sennoside A in senna leaf extract has the most obvious effect, and people with constipation will have a strong desire to defecate within 150 hours after taking 150mg).

    5. Available from stock and ordered at any time (Xi'an Xuhuang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has already realized large-scale industrial production of this product with a ton-level inventory).

Use of senna leaf extract from Xi'an Xuhuang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.:

    1. Slimming granules with higher color requirements after dissolution

    2. Slimming granules that require high taste after dissolution

    3. For the improvement of constipation, bad breath, high blood fat and other types of health products

    4. Various weight-reducing health food capsules or granules


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Company R&D department devote lots of  manpower and material to solve the problems on taste,clarity after  dissolving, effect and  so on.
It makes natural products more convenient to use in food and better service to people's health.


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