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Do you know the relationships among proteins, peptides and amino acids?

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amino acid

1. Protein is the most important nutrient for human beings and the basic substance for maintaining life activities. The daily intake for adults should be 75g.

Proteins are organic macromolecular substances.

2.Amino acids are the basic substances that make up the proteins required for animal nutrition. They are organic compounds containing basic amino groups and acidic carboxyl groups. Amino acids can play the following functions through metabolism in humans:① Synthesis of tissue proteins; ② Changes to ammonia-containing substances such as acids, hormones, antibodies, creatine; ③ Changes to carbohydrates and fats; ④ Oxidates to carbon dioxide and water and urea to produce energy.

3. Peptide is a biochemical substance between amino acid and protein. It has a smaller molecular weight than a protein and a larger molecular weight than an amino acid. It is a fragment of a protein. That is to say, two or more and even tens of amino acid peptide bonds are connected to polymerize into peptides, and then multiple peptides are polymerized into side chains to form proteins. An amino acid cannot be called a peptide. It must be a compound where two or more amino acids are connected by a peptide chain in order to be called a peptide. Many amino acids cannot be called a peptide when they are mixed together. "Amino acid strings" can be called peptides.

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